On the same day I posted comic #198 I asked my readers to send in comics or drawing about how they thought The Everyday would end. I was astounded and thrilled by the response I received. 32 artists and writers, friends and readers sent me their alternate endings and I posted them all.

Part 1
April Nash
Clark Burscough
Mark D Penman
Oliver Hanbidge

Part 2
Joe List
Chris Madden
Pedro Martin
Howard Hardiman

Part 3
Thorsten Sideboard
Robin Henley
Can Yalcinkaya
Joe Gardener
John Stansfield

Part 4
Marc Ellerby
Kayla Hillier
Lizz Lunney
Joe Decie
John Cei Douglas
Andrew ‘2hands’ Tunney

Part 5
John Allison
Dan Baxter
Shieka Lugtu
Adam Everett Beck
Joe Glass
Eric Wirjanata
Lee McEvoy
David Parkinson
Benedict Molefe Jones
Lizzy Green Peppers

Part 6
Ste Hitchen
Graham Johnson
Haroon Mustaq