The Everyday is an autobiographical comic that I draw about the little things in life that happen to us all. I try and draw a comic twice a week not every day as the title might imply. I called it The Everyday because that’s what its about.

I was influenced and inspired to try writing about life mainly by Harvey Pekar who writes American Splendor and James Kochalka who does draw a comic everyday called American Elf. There’s other artists and writers who have influenced me as I’ve learnt more about the medium but it was mainly these two who got me started.

I began drawing a comic once a week back September 2006 and amazingly have kept it up since then. This webcomic was created in May 2007 to give them all a home, to create a wider audience and to get more feedback on them.

The Everyday also comes in paper form too, so you can glance at them sleepily on the bus. Have a look in the Store for what’s available.

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Photo by Anna McGrath.