Here it is at last, The Everyday Collection Four, the final comic collecting the last 50 strips of The Everyday!
Guest comics from Marc Ellerby, John Allison, Joe Decie, Joe List, Andrew Tunney and the lovely Kayla Marie Hillier!
An Hourly Comic Day minicomic!
a badge or two if you’re lucky!

£4 and it’s yours!

Too many exclamation marks? Too many exclamation marks.

Click the cover above for a closer look and then ask me, “Adam, where I can purchase such a fine piece of comics?” and then I’ll charmingly reply, “Why, at this weekend’s MCM Expo in London, of course! Or, you know, on the new Everyday online store.”

So yes, there’s a fancy new store on the site and the news that this Halloween weekend I shall be in London’s Docklands for the cosplay chaos that is the MCM Expo. The Comics Village section of it grows and grows each time attracting some really big names and is now as big as most other comic cons in the country.

I’ll be there sharing with wonderful Marc Ellerby, selling the new collection as well as NEW BADGES (which you can also buy in the Store) including two badges that match the cover of the new Collection. Mind blowing, eh?

And I’ll once again be doing Little You Portraits for a mere £5 a pop on A5 card. Here’s a nifty slideshow of the ones I did last year:

Please note that if you order anything from the Store I won’t be able to post them out until next week after the show, because I’ll be a panicky mess ’til after then. Thanks.

So, hopefully I’ll see some of you at the show and you’ll be able to spot me because I’ll either be dressed as Adam from The Everyday or Skeletor, one of the two.