With the last comic done and the wonderful avalanche of alternate endings all posted, I can now write about what’s next for The Everyday and what’s next for me as an artist.

For the most part I’ve loved drawing The Everyday, getting better as an artist, learning about my approach to comics and writing, getting comments every week from readers and meeting other artists through it has all been a big part of my life for the last 3 and a bit years. So now that the last comic is up, I’m not about to forget the whole thing and move on.

For a start there’s still Collection 4 to put together and print. I’ve no idea what I’m going to draw for the cover yet but I know there’s going to be a lot of really fun back up material as well as the last 50 comics. I should have this ready for the MCM Expo in October.

I also want to put together a book of The Everyday, all 200 comics in one place. I will approach a few small publishers very, very soon about this though I’m willing to self publish it too. I’m very excited about this and I’ll let you all know about it as soon as I can. I’m hoping to get the book on sale in the first half of next year.

I’ve got some interesting ideas for some new merchandise too which I’m thinking of including in a pre-order bundle for the book. As well as new badges and a mini comic of my Hourly Comic Day comics, I’m thinking about clothing but not your normal t-shirt designs. For now let’s just say polo shirts and slip-on trainers!

And the site itself will be getting fiddled with soon, as I re-jig it to be easily understood by new people coming to a webcomic that’s already finished.

Now that I no longer have the weekly deadline of drawing The Everyday, the theory goes that I will have more time to devote to my other, long running projects. The biggest of these is easily Blood Blokes, a 7 page preview of which is up on my main website’s blog.

This slacker vampire story set in Manchester at the turn of the Millennium will be my first full-length comic series and will run for 6 issues. Though most people know me for my autobio comic work, I’m sure this fictional work won’t be too far removed from the everyday observational style that I’ve developed. The life of young vampires set against the trials of sharing a house and modern city life is where a lot of the humour comes from. I can also assure you that my vampires don’t twinkle, fly or run faster than the speed of light. Blood Blokes #1 will be released in one way or another at Thought Bubble this November.

Add my main blog to your RSS reader to keep informed about future Blood Blokes news.

I will not be abandoning autobiographical work completely however. I’m looking forward to drawing more longer autobio tales like ‘The Tears of Tommy Cooper’ which I contributed to the Solipsistic Pop 2 anthology earlier this year. Recently esteemed comic critic Paul Gravett reviewed the anthology in his ‘Great British Comics Now’ round up and said:

“Adam Cadwell confirms himself further as simply one of our most acute autobiographical stripwriters currently active.”

Which needless to say I was pretty happy about. I’ll be contributing another story to Solipsistic Pop 3 which will be a child-friendly volume and will also be released at Thought Bubble in November. When I have enough short autobio stories I’m sure I’ll put them together in a print comic.

The last project I’m working on is called Stiffs, a zombie comedy comic set in Wales for which I am providing the colours and lettering. We’ve just sent the pitch package off to Image and will hopefully hear back soon. Here’s the mock cover:

You can follow the comics progress on the Stiffs Facebook page or on my blog until the official Stiffs website is set up.

And as for you guys, what are you going to do now that my face won’t be on the internet every week? Well, I was going to direct you all to follow Ellerbisms and Bellen! but both have hopped on the ‘quit your webcomic’ bandwagon and have announced that they’re ending too. If you haven’t read them already get on over to their sites and enjoy them just as they are both winding up with their final stories.

Readers of Kayla’s Galavant will soon be getting a weekly dose of my face as I’m soon to make my appearance in her travel diary. For those who have been nosy about my personal life, which if you notice I rarely touch upon in my own comic, Kayla will write about us meeting, dating and living together.

Other autobio webcomics I’d recommend are Inkdick which despite it’s name is brimming with gentle observation of daily life’s highs and lows, and of course the ever present American Elf which, along with Harvey Pekar, was a big influence on The Everyday and just about every other autobio webcomic out there.

I’ll also give a nod towards the wonderful work of Luke Ferenc Pearson, a very talented young British artist. His comics about music festivals and discussing bands ring so true that I liked with his work right away. I hope he makes a lot more.

So, don’t unsubscribe to The Everyday quite yet, I’ll be posting news about Collection 4 and changes to the site really soon and please subscribe to my main blog for news of my other comics.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!