You thought it was all over, but it ain’t! Except it sort of is. But here are some late entries for The End I’ve received. I could have posted these much sooner if I had been better organised but I wasn’t so apologies to the artists for not getting these up sooner. But never mind all that, enjoy these!

Ste Hitchen:

This wonderful, full colour comic comes courtesy of the impeccable Ste Hitchen. You should really check out his Ste-Regular webcomic, colourful slices of autobio comics every darned week. Fun fact: Ste lives in a post office! AND Ste even sent me this bonus sketch via the magic of Twitter:

Graham Johnson:

This is probably best explained if I just link to this set of photographs from Sweden last year. My comics about our trip to the Swedish Small Press Expo start here. Thanks Graham, I like the Scott Pilgrim style point in panel 3.

Haroon Mustaq:

Haroon is a good friend of mine who has said “Put that in your Everyday!” to me perhaps every time we have ever met. I tried my best to squeeze him into the comic before it ended but he’s such a big character that I couldn’t. He will have to console himself and wipe his tears away with his spare copies of Batman & Robin #13 in which he appears as a police man.

So, that’s all the alternate endings as far as I know, apart from my friend Rich’s ending which I will post when it’s done next year. I’ll be making a special section of the site for these soon(ish) so keep an eye out for that. Thank you again to everyone who sent these in, I loved them.