I think, and correct me if I’m wrong here, that this is the first time I’ve mentioned Vimto* (my all time favourite drink) in The Everyday. I guess I couldn’t let the comic end without getting it in there. Vimto, I love you.

Well, we’re finally here, folks! Comic number 200. The End. Did it end like you thought it would? With a huge drawing of my face?

It might have taken me nearly 4 years to get here, and during the last 50 strips it seemed to take forever but I guess I did it and I’d like to thank each and every one of you who have read my comic. I’m well aware in the world of webcomics mine is little known with a modest readership but that has always been fine with me. I never started doing this to make a living off t-shirt sales or have famous guest artists, I did it because I wanted to get better at drawing comics, and looking back at the first few I like to think that I can safely say that I’ve learnt a lot. I’m trying to avoid sounding like I’ve won an award or something but I do want to thank everyone who has let me draw them in this comic, anyone who’s ever linked to me and every single person who has left a comment. You all made it a lot easier to keep making comics of my life for all this time.

See below for lots of alternate endings by readers and comic artist friends and a little later in the day there’ll be a longer blog post about the future of The Everyday in print and what comic I’ll be working on after this, i.e Blood Blokes.

*If you’re thinking “What’s Vimto!?!”, and if you’re from anywhere other than Northern England you probably are, then there’s more info on it’s Wiki page.