I still can’t get over how many entries I’ve had for The End, I’m thrilled to see so many of my readers sending me their endings and of course seeing how they all draw my beloved face. Here are 12 (12!) more entries including 3 (3!) from my friend Dan.

This is rest of the endings I’ve received so far but feel free to keep sending them in, I’ll wait to the end of the day and see how many I’ve got and post more either tomorrow or on Monday. Also if you’ve sent me one and I’ve not posted it yet, email me again about it. Details below.

John Allison:

Oh John, always with the vengeance! Mr John Allison was in #130 but likes to pretend that it never happened. Don’t worry John, I’ll make you a vampire in Blood Blokes. I think you’d suit a cape.

Dan Baxter:

I was completely surprised when my friend Dan sent me a comic for The End, and even more surprised when I scrolled down the email and discovered 2 more. That first one cracked me up. Dan has always had a wry, barbed sense of humour and I think it comes across really well in the third of his entries. Either that or he hates me.

Shieka Lugtu:

Another thing The Everyday has been missing is rampaging dinosaur women, thanks Shieka!

Adam Everett Beck:

Adam Beck aka King Adbeck has been a regular commenter on The Everyday which I’ve always appreciated. I’m extra pleased to see his take on the ending and I’m chuffed to see the old Spidey bag make another appearance.

Joe Glass:

Joe is referencing the very first Everyday here and getting Kayla and Little Adam in there too wraps it all up really well. Joe Glass happens to be one of the writers of one of my upcoming comic projects. Read more about ‘Stiffs’ in the next blog post 😉

Eric Wirjanata:

You can only keep a secret so long.

Lee McEvoy:

This surreal adventure kind of reminds me of the 1982 film Forbidden Zone featuring Danny Elfman as Satan and some midgets. I can only imagine the outrage that would ensue if a Miss Webcomic Contest was announced, hee hee.

David Parkinson:

And I thought I drew my head big! David is a Manchester based Illustrator with a love of background design. Here he’s drawn part of the area of Manchester that Kayla and I have just moved to. Cheers David.

Benedict Molefe Jones:

I met Ben back in February at the We Are Words + Pictures Drop in + Draw event, and was instantly taken with his work. If he keeps going with comics, I think he’ll be one to watch.

Lizzy Green Peppers:

And lastly we have this wonderful entry from Lizzy Green Peppers. She said she was almost too shy to send it in but I’m glad she did as I think it’s great.

If you’d like to send me your ending to The Everyday please try and get it in over the weekend, the latest I’ll post more entries is Monday 16th of August so let’s say the very last deadline is midnight Sunday 15th August. Send your comics to adam(at)adamcadwell.com, in black and white or colour as a 600 pixels wide jpeg at 72 pixels/inch.

Thanks so much for all the entries, I’ve chuckled at every one of them and it feels good to get such a warm response from my friends and readers. Cheers guys!