Today the real The Everyday #200 went up on the site and to celebrate here’s even more alternate endings and drawings from my comic artist boyfriend, my comic artist girlfriend and my comic artist friends. There’ll be a bumper sized blog post later today with more endings from loads of my awesome, awesome readers, so check back for that.

Marc Ellerby:

I bloody LOVE this! I laughed my head off at the note! I was thinking of actually ending the comic with something to do with me and Kayla moving in together but it felt like I’d be stretching things out on purpose, so I’m glad Marc worked it into his. I love that man.

Marc’s copied me and he’s ending his comic soon. If you don’t already, go and and read Ellerbisms while you still can.

Kayla Hillier:

Kayla is perhaps the only person who could base her ending on something that actually happened to me, and so she did. Instead of a fantastical ending she records a moment of me driving her mad in an episode of Ikea-caused confusion. This is also the first time she has ever drawn me, but be prepared for a lot more of me in her travel diary comic Galavant.

Lizz Lunney:

Haha! I’d kill for a Little Adam Pez! Little Lizz Lunney knows that I’m a fan of Pez, Vimto and my own face so this may be the perfect gift for me.

Joe Decie:

Joe also knows I love the Vimto. I’d always loved the deadpan, down to earth observation of Joe’s comics and so I thought his rendering of the Chinese Vimto factory was hilarious in it’s dullness. Thanks Joe. If there’s any webcomic you should be reading now mine has ended, it’s Joe’s.

John Cei Douglas:

If John came to my party with a Moomin I’d be out of there like a shot. John drew a comic himself once you know. It was about Buffaloes or something. Anyway it was pretty good. Let’s all bug him to do more, eh?

Bonus: Andrew ‘2hands’ Tunney (again):

Andy sent me the black and white version of this a week ago and I posted it in The End: Part 2, but he’s since coloured it in wonderful Mignola style and I needed to share it here. Thanks Tuntun!

It’s not too late to send your endings in! I’ll be posting a huge post later today of all the other comics and drawings I’ve received and I may even do one next week if I get any later entries. So, send your comics to adam(at), in black and white or colour as a 600 pixels wide jpeg at 72 pixels/inch.