It’s time for more alternate endings to The Everyday! Here are 5 more, mostly Kayla centric comics:

Thorsten Sideboard:

Not only is this guy called Thor (!) but he sends me this awesome sci-fi twist ending that makes total sense. Kayla has been getting some funny looks from me since I read this. Canadian she says, yeah right!

Robin Henley:

Poor Little Adam, poor dead Little Adam. Thanks for this one Robin, it made Kayla shriek with the giggles.

Can Yalcinkaya:

Can kindly sends this comic all the way from Australia. It may be the most plausible, playfully meta ending that’s been sent in. It’s also very sweet and there’s something very Bash Street Kids about my face in panel 4 that I really like.

John Gardener:

Oh no Kayla has dumped me! But wait it was all a dream. Well, someone had to do the classic dream ending. I’m also amused that John thinks I have huge posters of my own drawings on my wall.

John Stansfield:

And because I said I’d post all the entries that I got, and he kind of dared me, lastly we have this from my “friend” John Stansfield who, believe it or not, is actually a very talented comedy writer. I’m so sorry, Mum.

If you’d like to send me your own vision of how The Everyday should end, please send me one before the deadline which is currently August 12th. I hope to post as many as I can on Thursday when I post the real Everyday #200! Whoop! Yeah! Etc!

Send your comics to adam(at), in black and white or colour as a 600 pixels wide jpeg at 72 pixels/inch.