I am truly surprised by the amount of alternate endings I’ve got in just a week. In fact I’m stunned, thanks to everyone who’s sent me one so far. Here are 5 more alternate The Everyday #200s! 5 more on Monday!

Joe List:

I WISH I was drawing a new comic called King of Space! Also, I love my blue hair and glasses. If you don’t know Joe’s work, then go and get to know it, buy it a drink, invite it to the cinema next Wednesday, I’m positive you’ll have some great times together.

Andrew ‘2hands’ Tunney:

Some may know him as 2hands for his ability to draw with both hands at once, others may know him as Tunney or just Andy. I just know him as the guy I’ve been gently bugging to draw his awesome comic ideas for years now so I’m extra glad he sent me this. Also sometimes I call him Tuntun. Oh, and that’s the rubble of Manchester city center by the way.

Tuntun’s been in The Everyday a few times too and he also does a pop culture podcast with a friend of his who is an American man

Chris Madden:

(Click for a bigger image)

Chris Madden needs no introduction to long time readers. My “long suffering” ex-housemate kindly spent the time to create this comic for me. Though he’s no longer in the comic (or my life, sniff) because he’s up in Edinburgh “working” it’s really nice to have him included at the end of the comic as he was, for a while there, my co-star. Madden’s many appearances start here.

Pedro Martin:

Hotwell explodes!!! This entry from reader Pedro Martin amused me, there hasn’t been enough explosions in The Everyday and Pedro sets things right, just in the nick of time. He’s also just started drawing his own autobio comic, Unremarkable Routine, and I think he’s off to a great start.

Howard Hardiman:

This may be a little odd out of context, but this great pin up by Howard ‘Handsome’ Hardiman is in reference to The Everyday #162. I don’t know if it’s because of The Terminator reference but I’m flattered that I’ve been drawn so buff. I’m so not buff. Check out Howard’s melancholic comics about lonely badgers and city-livin’ dinosaurs.

Send me your own ending to The Everyday and make me feel all warm inside. The deadline is currently August 12th. Send your comics to adam(at)adamcadwell.com, in black and white or colour as a 600 pixels wide jpeg at 72 pixels/inch.