Glastonbury was once again amazing this year, absolutely scorching the whole time and it was great to be there with Kayla. I have a set of photos from the festival over on my Flickr.

In the last comic I was in Toronto, dining with Marc and Anna. Marc has since done his own comic based on his outbursts in The Keg. I think this has been the first time our comics about the same event were on our sites at the same time.

Then suddenly this week I’ve skipped nearly 2 months ahead to relaxing on the Sunday at Glastonbury waiting for Stevie Wonder to come on. I’ve made this little leap forward mostly because TCAF (the reason I was in Toronto) was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to, and such was too outstanding to cover in The Everyday. Though I’m sure Marc will probably have a strip or two about it, possibly about the panel we were both on. Anyway, since returning and heading off for Glasto either not that much happened or that Everyday part of my brain is getting weary. This is one of the reasons I feel it is a good time to end this comic, I’m just not finding my daily life as full of material for comics as I once did.

So, I have the last 3 comics planned out, I just need to draw them. And I really hope you’ll find them funny.