This weekend, May 8th-9th, I will be exhibiting at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival at the Toronto Reference Library in, guess where, Toronto. I’ve been in the city for a week already and am still very excited to be here. I will be selling all my Everyday books plus debuting my next comic project Blood Blokes. More info on that over on my art blog. I’ll be once again sharing a table with sexy Marc Ellerby and we also have copies of Paper Science 2 to give away for free and copies of Solipsistic Pop 2 which we both have stories in.

A TON of great artists will be there including Dan Clowes, Paul Pope, Jim Woodring, Michael Cho, Cameron Stewart, Kate Beaton, Rene Engstrom and so many others like Ryan Kelly who me and Marc are sat next to (!). There’s a bunch of us from the UK too, like Jaime McKelvie, Roger Langridge, Lizz Lunney, Julia Scheele, Rob Jackson and Howard Hardiman.

Also myself and Marc are on a panel discussion about autobiographical comics sometime on the Saturday. Exact times and details TBC.

So if you’re in Toronto this weekend, then you’re probably coming anyway, so I’ll see you there!!!