One of the projects I mentioned in my last news post is almost upon us. The Solipsistic Pop 2 anthology is released on 28th April and contains a 6 page autobio tale of mine, which I think readers of The Everyday will enjoy. More info and a preview of one of the pages over on my art blog.

As well as appearing in The Everyday lately, my girlfriend Kayla has her own webcomic, To Galavant, a travel journal about her 3 month trip to England. Check in every Monday for a new page. I think it’s safe to say I might pop up in that comic soon. At least I hope so!

And both Kayla and myself are in today’s Ellerbisms, which I’m sure you are all reading anyway. That Marc is a RASCAL, but he does draw us so well. I was also in a fancy, double length ‘Bism a week or two back, which I enjoyed. And I’m on his new Tote bags! That man loves my face, but who can blame him, eh? 😉

Seeya bye!