I’d like to write about why The Everyday has been so infrequent these last couple of months. A few readers have left comments asking why or lambasting me, and rightly so. There are a few reasons.

As you can see from the last few strips I’m in a new relationship, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been neglecting my comic duties because I’ve been smooching all day. Well, okay, it’s been a little bit of that, but that’s not really the cause of the delays.

A bigger reason is that I’ve been working on other comics. I took a solid week out to work on a 6 page autobiographical story for the second volume of the Solipsistic Pop anthology. I’ll post more info about this over on my main blog when the book has a confirmed release date (which should be late April I’m told) but if you like my work on The Everyday I think you’ll enjoy this story a lot.
Another (paying) comic project that I’ve been working on is Dead Enders, a humorous zombie series which I am colouring. The team has yet to confirm a publisher so when I know more, again, I’ll post news on my blog.
And lastly, and most exciting, is my slacker vampire series which I’m working on. The working title is ‘Blood Blokes’ which at first was a joke moniker, but I am liking more and more. I am inking furiously to try and complete issue 1 in time for the TCAF show in May. I head over to Canada a couple of weeks before the show so I’m trying to get as much done as soon as I can.
Oh, and I’m also a freelance storyboard artist, so when works comes in, all my plans get thrown in the air.

All this means that creating an Everyday comic that I’m pleased with has been tricky for me, hence no update in 3 and a half weeks. I have the next 5 strips planned out, it’s just a matter of dedicating time to working on them on top of more pressing work. Also if you follow me on Twitter, I post sneak peeks at my other projects and try to keep people informed of when I’ll update The Everyday.

There is another factor to the delays though, which I was going to announce with comic #190, but it feels about time to say it now. I will be ending The Everyday with comic #200. I’ve been drawing The Everyday for over 3 and a half years and I’m interested in creating longer stories, both autobiographical and fictional, and I’d like to have the creative freedom to devote my energies to one project at a time.
Because of this I want these last 11 comics to be some of the strongest strips I’ve ever done, so I’m in no rush to bash them out. I apologise if this irks some readers, and I can fully understand why, but I can’t promise a set schedule for updates. I will try to post one a week, but please don’t be disgruntled if I can’t.
I will be printing Collection 4, containing comics #151 – #200, which will have some fun bonus content. Once that’s printed I plan to contact a few select publishers about a possible book of all 200 comics. If no-one’s interested, I’ll look into self publishing a small print run. It will be nice after nearly 4 years to have a produced a book with a spine.

I think that’s all I wanted to say. If you have any questions about any of this, please leave a comment and I will answer you.

I hope you enjoy the last 11 comics,