The third and final New Thing for Thought Bubble this weekend will be the appearance of my story ‘Spilt Soda’ in the latest experiment from We Are Words + Pictures, Paper Science. Here’s the blurb from editor Matt Sheret:

“Somewhere between a ‘zine and a mini-anthology, Paper Science is a snapshot of what We Are Words + Pictures are interested in at the moment. The only criteria was that the contributors had to throw something together that’s a little bit different from what they usually do, resulting in a collection of illustrations, short stories, comics, essays, an extract from a book and an interview.

A twelve page, full-colour newspaper printed by the lovely folks over at Newspaper Club, 300 copies of Paper Science will be available at Thought Bubble from We Are Words + Pictures. It will cost £1 (£1!), or come free with any other purchase from the We Are Words + Pictures stand.

The contributors are Adam Cadwell, Chrissy Williams, Dan Hancox, Emilie Chalcraft, Julia Scheele, Katie West, Lizz Lunney, Marc Ellerby, Mark Higgins, Mark Oliver, Matt Jones, Matthew Sheret, The Girl With Shit Stories and Tom Humberstone. To find out what they’ve contributed you’ll have to pick up a copy.*

We Are Words + Pictures is an occasionally market stall that stocks ‘zines, comics and small press books. For more information visit

*or ask them very nicely.”

And here’s a preview of the comic on the back cover, on newsprint as it was originally conceived.