Glasto-CoverThis Saturday I will be at the Thought Bubble comic show in Leeds, once again sharing a table with Marc Ellerby. It will be my 6th and final show of the year and I can’t wait. I will also be DJing for a whole 30 minutes at the after show party, so if you have tickets for that I want to see you dancing. As mentioned in my Thought Bubble minterview (that I foolishly forgot to blog about at the time) as well as all 3 Everyday Collections, I will have some new things for sale.

First up is the Glastonbury Postcard Book which I am very excited about. The book features 10 postcards including all 6 colour Glastonbury strips (which start here), 2 previously seen comics in colour for the first time, one exclusive unseen comic about the Saturday at Glastonbury and a card of sketches that I made when trying to capture likenesses of certain famous people.

This will be limited to 100 hand numbered copies, only 40 of which I’ll be bringing to the show. I’ll be selling these for a tidy £5 so come by early on and pick one up.

More new things tomorrow!