My spider-man bag has received many compliments in the many years I’ve proudly worn it over my shoulder. “It’s made from an old duvet cover.” I’d tell people, a fact that made it a one of kind object. If there’s anything that has been in this comic nearly as often as me, it’s my Spidey bag. It went with me to New York and featured on the cover to the final Everyday minicomic, issue 12 and even popped up in an Ellerbism. It now rests peacefully in the back of my wardrobe. It will be missed.

Also, I’d like to mention for anyone who may be getting bored of the Glasto comics, there will be three more and I am trying to get them done as soon as I can so the comic can get back to more recent matters. I will try and get another comic up this Thursday, that will be the last from the Friday and the last time I will ever have to colour my checkered shirt.