Wasn’t expecting that were you? Colour? In The Everyday? What’s the big idea, Cadwell? The big idea is that I’m going to make a nifty little mini-comic of Glastonbury themed Everydays in full colour (in the Collections they’ll remain black and white). There’s a good few more on the way so if the very thought of The Everyday in colour sickens you to your very core, then please look away for about 2 weeks. I’m just trying this out for now, I might recolour it once the other strips are drawn, I might abandon the idea completely and replace it with the black and white version like it never existed. Who knows? But for now, for you regular readers, here in the here and now, along for the ride, livin’ the dream, Glastonbury Everydays are in full-on colour.

Please let me know what you think, unless you can’t think anymore because I blew your mind.

Also, this marks the first appearance of my little sister. Hello tiny drawing of Jolene!

Also also, the couple in the last panel are the Adam and Freya mentioned earlier, and yes, I have a cow patterned pop-up tent.