Following my recent trip to London last weekend for the MCM Expo, The Everyday is now stocked in one of London’s best comic shops, Gosh! Comics on Great Russell Street. About time, huh?

After selling my wares to the shop I took a walk around and ended up giving them back all the money to purchase just a handful of the numerous brilliant titles they stock. There’s a definite slant towards Art and Alternative Comics and they have healthy Mainstream, Manga and European sections too all packed away in the modest two level layout. They’ve also got some of Kevin O’Neill’s original pages from the new League of Extraordinary Gentleman book on display too, which are pleasure to see. So, if you’re in London I urge you to visit and don’t forget to check out the small press section and buy The Everyday.

Gosh! Comics
39 Great Russell St, London, WC1B 31Z
0207 636 1011