Back in April I was walking home one sunny afternoon and saw Jim Medway stood across the street, I went over to say hi and before I could ask him what he was up to, journalist Matt Badham comes dashing out of a nearby cafe to chase me down having seen me pass by. It turned out Jim was meeting Matt to do an interview and Matt wondered if I’d like to sit in on it and share a drink with them in the sunshine. Being a freelancer now I had no pressing reason to get home so I gladly joined them.
We walked around the corner to a bar called Common, of which Jim had recently painted the walls to make it look like an old fashioned pub (photos here). I was careful not to intrude on Jim’s interview or steal his limelight in any way, but eventually Matt coaxed me into the interview with some interesting points about Art Education and the British Small Press Scene.
I think it turned out to be a pretty darned good interview, with lots of interesting points about comics, process and art literacy being touched upon. Click below to read it.