Regular readers of The Everyday will know that I share an apartment with a guy called Chris Madden. What they might not know is that Chris has been cheating on me with another webcomic. Shocking, I know. He’s only off gallivanting in Stephen Hitchen’s The Ste Regular! Look at him squealing in delight:

He’s also laughing his head off in the latest comic (permanent link here)! I can’t be too mad at him though because The Ste-Regular is actually a very enjoyable read. It’s only been going since the start of the year but I already have a few favourite strips and really like Hitchen’s novel approach to the form. There’s some great visual experimentation going on and I really like the crafty texture he’s chosen. The basis is the same as many other autobio strips – a guy and his partner plus a pet (in this case a tiny dog) – but he seems aware of this and there’s a lot more in there than just cute remarks or incidents. So, if you have room in your RSS feeder for just one more autobio webcomic than I’d pick this one for the thrill of seeing how it’s going to develop. But know every time Chris appears I’ll be reading with a broken heart.