This weekend I shall be exhibiting at the Swedish Small Press Expo ’09 with fellow Brits Marc Ellerby, Lizz Lunney, Matt Sheret and lady of many nations Liz Greenfield.

Other esteemed guest include hero of mine Jeffrey Brown, German creator Mawil (whose work I discovered through Blank Slate‘s translation of his work), comics guru Paul Gravett, Rene Engstrom (Anders Loves Maria!) and Niklas Asker whom I met in NY and saw a preview of his book Second Thoughts which is being released at the show by Top Shelf. Phew, that’s some good comics right there. I’m excited about all the new comics I’ll find there even those I won’t be able to read.

The show runs from Thu 23rd to Sun 26th, with launch parties and events the first 2 days and the comic fair is on Sat and Sun, 11-5. So if you happen to be in Stockholm this weekend, why not just just swing by?

Also, Marc, Lizz and myself have put together a FREE minicomic exclusive to the show where we each have four pages of work. It’s called Samlat which is Swedish for Collected (or that’s what Anna tells us). Here’s the outlandish cover: