If you read my Top 5 Webcomics of ’08 post then you’ll know that Bellen! was one of my favourite webcomics of last year. This year Bellen! creator Box Brown has self published a comic called ‘Love Is A Peculiar Type Of Thing’ with help from a Xeric grant (this means one of the dudes who invented the Turtles gave him cash!).

The comic is currently in the Diamond Previews catalogue which is an achievement itself considering Diamond, the sole distributor of direct trade comics, keep upping their pre-order thresholds and prices. In order for the book to get into stores though the store has to order the book in and if they don’t think there is a demand for the title they won’t order any.

Hence this post to spread the word about the comic. If you like my comic or Bellen! then I think you’ll like this comic and you can only get your hands on ‘LIAPTOT’ (heh) by letting your local comic shop know you want it, all you’ve got to do is ask. It’s like wishes. If you’re wishing for comics.

There’s more info on the book and some preview pages here.

And a great review of the book here on ‘Storming the Tower’.

Self-publishing a comic is a brave move in this day and age and I wish Box all the best in spreading the word.