The third collection of The Everyday will debut at this Saturday’s UK Web & Mini Comix Thing in Mile End, London. I shall be at table 57 sharing with Mr. Marc Ellerby for the third episode of “The Cadwellerby Show”. Marc will also have his third collection of journal comics out (in which I make a number of charming appearances) and a new mini called ‘Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter’ all in an elaborate plan to make me look lazy. The Everyday Collection 3 contains comics #101 – 150 and as you can see has a fancy colour cover which, shockingly, doesn’t feature my face (or legs). It will then be available in The Everyday Store from Monday 30th.

I’ll also have Collections 1 and 2 at the show, and 1 has been reprinted just for the show to the higher quality of 2 and 3. I’ve got some Little Adam Badges left over too so I’ll be bringing those and also Little Adam Cookies, to entice you to buy stuff. Buy a comic get a cookie! How can you resist?

(Cookies on the day will not be slightly broken)

I’m really looking forward to the show, so if you’re in the London area this Saturday I highly recommend you swing by to witness mine and Marc’s witty sales banter, eat cookies, buy some great journal comics and witness some of the most talented small press creators from all over the globe. And if that doesn’t entice you, Kate Beaton will be there.

See you Saturday!