Hi all. I thought I should write a note about the delay between posting comics and the date on the comics. January was a pretty hectic month for me with the change to working freelance and thankfully this month has been busy with paid work, so The Everyday has been once a week since the start of the year because I’ve had less time than I would like to focus on drawing them. I have still been noting down plenty of little moments though and there has been 8 comics set in January so far with one more to come. I like to keep the comics as current as possible and while I may be a month behind now, I haven’t had that many ideas for February so we’ll be back up to speed pretty soon.

I aim to get back to twice a week as soon as I can, I’m still getting used to working for myself and having to juggle priorities. I want to get to 150 comics really soon so I can put together The Everyday Collection Three, which may or may not be ready for the UK Thing at the end of March (which I’ll be attending with Marc Ellerby).