I didn’t think trying to give comics away would be so tricky.

The winner of Competition 2 who will receive a copy of all 12 out of print The Everyday minicomics is Benito Cereno! The artists I was badly imitating were:

James Kochalka, Jeffrey Brown, Daniel Clowes, Jaime Hernandez, Mike Allred and Brian Lee O’Malley.

He left his comment on the Livejournal feed here. Well done Benito, email me with your address and I will get them shipped off to you soon.

As for Competition 1, in which you can win a copy of The Everyday Collection Two (40 pages of my face and fun times), I will reiterate the question:

How many times do I appear topless in the first 100 strips of the Everyday?
(Hint: Multiple panels in the same strip count as one time, and if you can’t see my nips, chest rug or tattoo it don’t count)

Come on it’s not that difficult. I’m trying to give you guys a comic here!

p.s. no comic today folks, my apologies. xxx