To kick off the fifth week of updates every weekday here is a double length strip I did back in March. I think it speaks for itself.

And as if that wasn’t enough for you, a month before I drew this I took part in Hourly Comics Day where, yep, you had to draw a comic for every hour you were awake on the 1st February. Here’s one of my favourites from the day:

I might work on that Wonder Knight idea.

The rest of the day’s strips can be seen at the Hourly Comic Day forum. This was back when I worked at a comic shop and with the 1st being a Thursday, it was our busiest day of the week when all the new comics come in. It was a struggle and I missed an hour or two but I did my best and it got me thinking about how I decide what to draw strips about.

I hope you liked this bumper sized post and (if you’re in the UK) are enjoying your Bank Holiday.

Take care.