Well, we’ve arrived at the end of the first week of The Everyday. Thanks for popping by. Come back next week and the week after and the week after that for minty fresh strips every ruddy week day. All right!

Top 5 All Time Ramones songs:

California SunThere are few things better than listening to the Ramones on a hot Summer’s day and this song reminds me of that. It energises me everytime I hear it. And yes I know its a cover.
I Don’t Wanna Grow UpWho does? Ideal punk defiance of the inevitable.
Judy Is A Punk“Second verse, same as the first”. The third song on their first album! Fuzz guitar and sing-song melody. Its just irresistable and has a quailty lacking from the follow up ‘Sheena Is A Punk Rocker‘.
Cretin HopJoey’s 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll influences show through again on their twisted take on the Hop.
Teenage Lobotomy“Now I guess I’ll have to tell em’/That I got no cerebellum” I need say no more.

So there!